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This month’s Bucket List Travel Tips:
  • For Canadian’s traveling abroad, we recommend notifying the government at By registering, you will receive any travel warnings and if there is a disaster somewhere that you are at, the government will family.
  • When travelling to the U.S. or across the oceans, you must have your medicine in the original containers or they may be seized . If they seize them your Nexus card will be taken away.
  • Hand sanitizer is your friend. Wiped down all parts of the airplane seat, especially the head rests (people drool) YUCK. Also the table, seat belt and arm rests. If staying in a hotel or a home-stay service, wipe down the remote control.
  • Mini bars in some hotel chains have sensors in them and are activated the moment you open the door. Be vigilant in checking your bill if you opened that fridge. 
  • Lock your suitcases before it goes onto the baggage system but it is best to have a TSA lock so if security wants to open it they can. 
  • Baby powder is a good travel accessory. It works as foot powder, it scares away ants and it helps remove sticky sand after you have been to the beach. Oh, ya if you have a baby it does stuff for the baby too!!
What NOT to do:
  • Whether it is a hotel,or home-stay don’t open the door unless you are expecting someone from your part or room service. I know we all want to be friendly but some locations news stories report this is how people can rob you. 
  • Don’t flash your money around, always have small bills in your pocket or purse so when you are paying bills, people don’t see a wad of money. If you are in a restaurant and need to pay with a large bill, go to the washroom and get it out of your money belt or a stash hidden in another wallet. 
  • Don’t over pack because you are going through different climates or seasons. You don’t want individual outfits for every weather condition, instead bring light weight pieces that you can use as layers. Skip the bulky sweaters and go with thin  clothing that can be layered. There are specialty light weight wicking material at travel or outdoor stores to save you grief and space on your trip. 
Weird Photos!

Yup, that’s me,  Lynda Kavanagh with a baggie over my bike helmet. We were cycling the Western Isle of Scotland on an island called North Uist. When travelling, comfort rules over style. It was pouring rain for some of this trip and we were surprised to see an Otter crossing sign – never saw the otters just the signs. When travelling you can do all the right things by checking weather and annual weather reports but still, these days the weather is unpredictable. Look what happened to Alberta and Montana last week.

The first time I went to Scotland, I purchased my rain gear from Costco for $150. I knew within the first hour on the bike that was a mistake the jacket and pants did not breath, it kept out some of the rain but made me sweat so bad I think I would have been drier outside of the gear. I immediately came back and went to a sporting goods store and bought some good Gortex rain gear. It is miserable to be travelling and not have the right clothing. Travel stores, sports stores and even specialty stores now carry light weight and stylish travel clothing that can save you a lot of grief while lighten your baggage. That rain gear was expensive but 18 years later it is still keeping me dry and warm.

On this trip to Scotland I wore my rain gear and was nice and dry. Why the baggie? Helmets have holes in them. It was raining so hard that the rain came through the helmet and ran down my hood into my face. It’s hard to watch out for otters when your eyes are dripping with rain. 

Next Bucket List Webinar:
October 9, 2019 at 6:30 p.m MDT

See why the rich and famous visit the French Riviera year round. While relaxing in the comfort of your home, you can escape and see what 7 days in the area would be like, and we will show you how to visit there and maximize your travel budget. Beaches are the place to hang out but beware, some are rocky while others are sandy. Food is big on the Riviera and we’ll show you what to eat, when to eat and the courtesies associated with being in France. The French Riviera should be on everyone’s bucket list, the water is a milky blue, the sun seems to always be shining and there is never a dull moment. This webinar will take you to Nice, Monico, Antibes, over the border into Italy and west to Marseille and Saint-Tropez. It’s a must see. Details at

If you know someone who has the French Riviera on their Bucket List – forward them this email or the website. Thanks. 

Final picture
D’Arcy is standing at the weirdest sign we have ever seen. It was -46 when we first went to Whitehorse. We prepared ourselves, had good warm clothes, good warm boots, hats, gloves and we took our flask of Scottish Whiskey, just to keep us warm as we walked around Whitehorse. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize our mistake until D’Arcy took his first sip of whiskey. Our flask was metal. I offered to spit on his lips that were stuck on the flask but he refused. Silly boy didn’t learn about cold and metal when he was a wee lad!

Number 2 on the weird road name list – Whitefish, Montana has a Rat Pack Lane.
Ragged Ass Road, Whitehorse, Yukon
Upcoming Webinars:

November 6,  7 Days along the Danube (cycling, driving, cruising)
December 7, 7 Days in Rome & Venice (walking and gondola-ing)

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