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To give you an idea of the information we provide in our Bucket List Webinars of seven days somewhere in Europe, please enjoy this FREE webinar on Provence, France.
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 Once you register the Provence Webinar will begin in a new window. This is the concept of our Webinars, sometimes they will be on a region and other times they will be on a city like Paris or Barcelona. Take a look at the Bucket List Webinar menu above to see upcoming Webinars and recordings of past Webinars. 
Here’s your Freebie.    (Save the url link to watch this as often as you like. We recommended the Chrome Browser to best view the Webinar.)

BTW – D’Arcy has written a murder mystery book about this area called “A Vintage End” 


If you were to purchase the Live Webinar it would be $24.95 or the recording would be $29.95. 

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