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Why does D’Arcy look so happy? We had taken a wrong turn and cycled 20k on a national highway in Spain with hardly any shoulder, through tunnels and by only a metre-high barrier that prevented a tumble down a mountainside. Yup, it was a horrific ride and one we’ll never forget, but we survived and having sangria after all that tension was the perfect release. Girona, or Gerona as the Spanish spell it, is a marvelous place to spend a week or even longer. If you’re a cyclist, this community is heaven and you’ll see many Tour de France cyclists training in this area. There are cycling routes for everyone.

Even if you aren’t a cyclist, Girona offers fascinating, historic places to see with some buildings featured in the TV movie “Game of Thrones.”  For example, the old town square has all kinds of streets to wander through and as you stroll down the La Rambla you will see shops, coffee shops, wine and tapas bars. 

BTW: D’Arcy has written a murder-mystery book on Spain “Silenced In Spain” and is part of a series. We have a Webinars on Northern Spain.

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