-Scotland's Isles and Whiskey

“I loved this Webinar. I’m a beginner Scotch Whisky drinker so it was very informative. I’m on the hunt to try the Scotch with the butterscotch taste!” 
(I even spelt Whisky the right way.)

– Cameron S, Kelowna

Ideas on which Scottish Western Isles to see and which
Whisky Distilleries to visit

Scotland whiskey
“It tastes like dirt,” says a non-whisky drinker. “It does not,” says a whisky drinker. “It tastes like iodine,” says a non-whisky drinker. “It does not,” says a whisky drinker. “It tastes horrible,” says a non-whisky drinker. Them’s fighting words,” says a whisky drinker!

“Well then, what does it taste like?” asks a non-whisky drinker.“It tastes like the water of life,” says the whisky drinker.


Hmm, the water of life. In 1494, a monk was given permission by the local government to make Acqua Vitae which is Latin for the water of life. He did such a great job that the Scots loved the drink and translated Acqua Vita into Scottish Gaelic with the word Uiskie which is now pronounced whisky. 

You either love it or hate it when it comes to whisky and sometimes you have to just have to realize whisky is an acquired taste. Scotland is famous for many reasons. Among them are its wonderful whisky distilleries and its spectacular islands. Now the best part – you can visit some of those distilleries on some of those islands during a trip you’ll never forget. We (Lynda & D’Arcy Kavanagh) have visited Scotland a score of times over the decades, cycling and driving its Borders, its Highlands and many of its islands. And we’ve also spent time sampling that most Scottish of drinks – the single malt whisky.
Scotland has more than 120 whisky distilleries spread all over the country. Because we’ve done so many tours of Scotland, including some focusing on distilleries, we know how to combine scenery with history and great single malt whiskies. This Webinar tour is 7 Days on the Isles and complements our 7 Days in Scotland Webinar tour. Both areas covered by the Webinars are good for cycling but rain gear is a necessity.
This Webinar will not only provide you with a glimpse of Scotland’s spectacular islands scenery, but we will also share with you the unique history of Scotland’s whisky distilleries and tell you what to expect from the flavours of single malt whiskies.
Oh, BTW you know how great men look in kilts? Well, D’Arcy is not an exception to that. When we present this Webinar tour, both D’Arcy and Lynda will be wearing their Celtic kilts but D’Arcy says he won’t tell you what he wears underneath that kilt! 

Highlights of this Webinar are:
  • What to see, what is not worth seeing.
  • Multiple distilleries and the flavours and noses of their whiskeys.
  • Which communities/islands are best to use as home bases.
  • Whisky tasting festivals.
  • How to get around with minimum grief.
  • What and where to eat and drink.
  • Great castle ruins.
  • Customs and courtesies.
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Photos of the areas we talk about. 

Come escape with us during this 60-minute Webinar.

Why are D’Arcy & Lynda Kavanagh qualified to present these travel Webinars? See where they have been over the past 25 years: D’Arcy Kavanagh / Lynda Kavanagh.
BTW the first book of D’Arcy’s Paul Burke murder mysteries is set in this area. It is called The Bastard is Dead.

The live Webinar has concluded but you can still escape to Scotland and learn about its Whisky by watching this recording.

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