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“I loved this Webinar. I’m a beginner Scotch Whisky drinker so it was very informative. I’m on the hunt to try the Scotch with the butterscotch taste!” 
(I even spelt Whisky the right way.)

– Cameron S, Kelowna

Is Salzburg on your Bucket List travel idea?

Salzburg is in northwest Austria and is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities because of its architecture and the actual setting of the city.  It stretches along the bank of the River Salzach as it emerges from the Salzburg Alps. The city is compact with narrow medieval streets and courtyards. 

It is most famous as the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his museum is a must-see. Salzburg was also featured in many scenes from the Sound of Music. So if you are a music person – Salzburg is the place to visit. 

The Old Town is like a walk back in time. The Rathaus (Town Hall) is surrounded by old medieval houses some as high as five storeys. In the Alter Markt (Old Market) there is a 13th-century Pharmacy and in the middle of the square is a 17th-century St. Florian’s Fountain. 

Salzburg is dominated by the Hohensalzburg, a fortress that was built in 1077. The castle can be reached by an uphill walk or by a very cool funicular railway. There are abbeys, cathedrals, churches, concerts and of course, the Mirabell Palace and Gardens that will take your breath away. History, history and more history.

Ready to see if this is someplace you want to visit when you get a chance to have a Bucket List trip? Join us during this webinar. 

Highlights of this Webinar are:

    • What are the best airports to fly into?
    • What to see, what’s not worth seeing.
    • What are the best attractions to see?
    • Where to shop that won’t break the bank.
    • How to feel safe.
    • Do you need to know the language?
    • What other Bucket List destinations can be connected with visiting Salzburg?
    • How to get around with minimum grief.
    • What, where and when to eat, and how to tip.
    • Customs and courtesies.
    • Information you won’t find in a book.
    • WIFI connectivity
    • Photos of the areas we discuss.

Come escape with us during this 60-minute Webinar.

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