- The Netherlands

“Good webinar last night, as usual .  I hardly made any notes, every time I started to type something I saw it was on the slide already.”
– Karen Thomas, Lethbridge 

Visiting the Netherlands

The Netherlands, meaning the low-lying country is more commonly called Holland. It is an interesting area, not only for its cycling, tulips, wooden shoes and windmills but how the Dutch engineers have reclaimed much of its underwater land and re-purposed it for communities. Twenty-six per cent of the area and 21% of the population are located below sea level. It is mostly flat so for cycling, it is spectacular, especially when that Atlantic wind is at your back. If travelling by car, it is easy to drive the country since it is only 41,543 sq.  km or 16,039 sq. miles. To put that in perspective, southern Alberta (South of Calgary to the U.S. Border) is 75,500 sq. km or 29,151 sq. miles and the Netherlands is slightly less than twice the size of the state of New Jersey. This webinar will take you north, south, east and west of Amsterdam, the Netherlands capital city with details on touring by bicycle or car.

Highlights of this Webinar are:

    • Schipol airport is the best in the world!
    • What to see, what’s not worth seeing.
    • Where to shop that won’t break the bank.
    • How to feel safe.
    • Do you need to know the language?
    • What cities are worth a visit
    • How to get around with minimum grief.
    • What, where and when to eat, and how to tip.
    • Customs and courtesies.
    • Information you won’t find in a book.
    • WIFI connectivity
    • Photos of the areas we discuss.

Get some ideas on what 7-days in this area would be like. 

Why are D’Arcy & Lynda Kavanagh qualified to present these travel Webinars? See where they have been over the past 25 years: D’Arcy Kavanagh / Lynda Kavanagh.
BTW the first book of D’Arcy’s Paul Burke murder mysteries is set in this area. It is called The Bastard is Dead.

Live Webinar: February 25 @ 6:30 p.m. MDT

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