Lynda's Books

Lynda’s Books

Lynda’s full-time job is owning WOW Communications & Training Corp. The company offers coaching and training services that provide focus and direction for small businesses and organizations. We help businesses define their Brand so their Sales and Marketing efforts are more effective. We do that through Brand Development, Marketing Strategy and Revenue Generation through Sales Techniques. Our methods of helping are through face-to-face coaching, online coaching, webinars, workshops and conference presentations.

Sales Suck … NOW WHAT?  |  ABroad Escapes  |  A Brand is not a Logo… Unless it is on a Cow

“Sales Suck… Now what?” This is a down-and-dirty book for micro, mini and small businesses who just need some direction but can’t afford to hire coaches. In 132 pages, the book takes people through the often confusing world of Branding, Marketing and Sales and does it in a practical and easy to implement fashion. You can buy the book for $18.95 Cnd + GST and shipping at

Lynda’s book, Sales Suck… Now What is a gem! It is a fantastic primer for the micro-to-small-business person who needs to understand the basics of branding, sales and marketing. The book is easy to read and jargon-free. It offers an invaluable summary of the differences between sales and marketing, the importance of each, and practical strategies for sales and marketing tactics that really work. Condensed into only 132 pages, it’s a quick read that delivers the critical elements of small business sales/marketing for time-crunched entrepreneurs. If you only have time for one book, buy this one.” 
Diane Henders, Author of the “Never say spy series”, Qualicum Beach, B.C.

Lynda is working on two more books:

ABroad Escapes: (Anticipated release date is Spring 2020)

For years, my idea about travel involved piῇa coladas, spa massages, taxis and tour guides. Then she changed her life. And life changed me. I needed to find an escape and, to my shock, I found the solution atop a bicycle seat. Since then, I’ve cycled thousands of miles in Europe and not once sipped a piῇa colada or toured by taxi. I’ve had adventures and misadventures, learning lessons both as a traveler and as a person needing an escape. ABroad Escapes chronicles some of her memorable experiences and provides tips – why do you need to know how to use a skeleton key? –  written specifically for other broads who want to travel.

Be the Unicorn. It starts with your Brand: (Anticipated release date is Spring 2020)

Many small businesses don’t understand what Branding means. They think they have a name and logo and that’s all they need. Well if that logo is on a cow, then it is a Brand but there is a lot more that goes into making an effective Brand than just a name and logo. and if you are starting a business, the name and logo are the last things that you create as part of your Brand… not the first! The strategy done before you name your business and create a logo is what will make your Sales and Marketing a success. Since many small businesses do not do the strategy before they create their business, they find their Sales and Marketing efforts are not effective. This practical and easy-to-implement book will help established businesses create their Brand and for start-up Entrepreneurs, this is a must before you even think of naming your business.