Lynda in Barcelona


Life is all about branded marketing, bicycle travelling and wearing high heel shoes…well, according to Lynda D. Kavanagh that is. And before we go any further, yes, she has ridden her bike wearing high heels to client meetings!

Lynda’s day job is being the CEO of WOW Communications & Training Corp., a 25-year-old company providing focus and direction to small businesses through brand development, marketing strategy and revenue-generating sales Lynda has worked for companies, organizations and individuals across North America and Europe. She has written two business books: “Be THE Unicorn, it starts with your Brand” and  “Sales Suck… Now what?” 

She is in the process of writing a called “ABroad Escapes”. Lynda and D’Arcy have been travelling, primarily by bicycle, to Europe annually for more than 30 years – and sometimes twice a year. In their travels, she has experienced or seen some really interesting things that happen to people. Some are hilarious and others are just plain scary.

The book will be a collection of short, and true,  travel misadventures with tips on how to avoid them. Lynda & D’Arcy travel primarily by bicycle so that adds to some strange predicament. The stories are humorous and a bit of a travel guide of the area the misadventure happened in.

The goal of the book is to allow readers to laugh at some of the situations people get themselves into while travelling, and then, how to avoid it happening to them.  I expect it will be out in 2021. If you want to be notified when it is available, send me an email.  

She is a partner in WOW Tours International Inc. with her husband. She proudly says she has cycled over 45,000km on her bicycle since 2000.  Click here to see where Lynda has travelled in the last 25 years. She is currently working on a humorous travel tip book for women called “A Broad Escapes” expected published day 2020.