-Cycling the Danube

Ideas on cycling or travelling along the Danube River

“I really enjoy these Webinars. They do the research so all I have to do is compare the webinars and that will help me decide – when I am going to do a bucket list trip – I’ll know where i want to go. Also, it is a nice bonus to be able to look at the recorded webinars for six months.”
– Sani S., Richmond, B.C. 

Cycling the Danube

The mighty Danube goes through or touches 10 different countries. That’s a lot of terrain, history and culture. Our 7 Days on the Danube will provide you a look at what we think is the best section: Germany to Slovakia. We’ll give you a feel for some of Europe’s most stunning scenery, tell you about great castles, identify unusual stops including small churches with the bones of hundreds of long-ago parishioners tucked into altars, and talk about where some of Europe’s finest wines have been produced for centuries. And there’s more.

Ancient monasteries, thousand-year-old villages, wonderful river-side cafes, cross-river rides in small wooden boats and on and on. Plus the magic of Vienna, one of Europe’s greatest cities, and , a Slovakian jewel of a community.

If you are a cyclist this is a paradise and even if you don’t ride very often there are stretches you will enjoy on a bike with you being only 5 metres from the Danube. For the experienced cyclists we will show you parts of the route starting right at the Danube’s headwaters. Just a note to bring to your attention, we have taken groups alone this Danube trail and know the best places to stop. If you are considering using a tour that carries your luggage in a sagwagon, you may want to watch this Webinar to match the locations they have you staying at for the evening. Many of the tours guides we looked at don’t have you staying in the best places for an evening. For example, one tour has people staying in a community where there is nothing but the hotel and one restaurant, you need to take a taxi to go into a larger centre – that’s no good for exploring a community after the day cycling!

We’ll provide suggestions  for cruise-ship travellers who get only limited time on stops but have the opportunity to rent bikes or take taxis to other locations. This Webinar will help you decide which communities you are most interested in.  For those using vehicles, we have plenty of suggestions for side trips if you want to add to your Danube experience…. like a wine tour! 

Highlights of this Webinar are:

    • What are the best airports to fly into?
    • What to see…dead bodies in churches, castle ruins, a fest, a 300-year-old library atop a cliff, a 1,000-year-old monastery, world-class wineries. This trip will never be boring.
    • Where to shop outside tourist zones…small village shops and market days
    • How much of the language do you need to know
    • How to get around with minimum grief…. options in bigger communities
    • What, where and when to eat, and how to tip.
    • Customs and courtesies… understanding the German and Austrian way
    • Information you won’t find in a book or a website… you’ll probably need at least 12 hours of research to learn what’s in this webinar…our experience allows us to give you all the vital info in just one hour.
    • WIFI connectivity
    • Photos of the areas we discuss.

Come escape with us during this 60-minute Webinar.

Why are D’Arcy & Lynda Kavanagh qualified to present these travel Webinars? See where they have been over the past 25 years: D’Arcy Kavanagh / Lynda Kavanagh.
BTW the first book of D’Arcy’s Paul Burke murder mysteries is set in this area. It is called The Bastard is Dead.

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