Deception on the Danube



Deception on the Danube, soft cover copy, 311 pages for $13.95 Cdn. Also available at all e-book retailers.  

Wonderful scenery, spectacular castles, ancient vineyards, tranquil villages. And then death arrives.

It’s another flawless day along the Austrian Danube as the group of cyclists, watched by their families and supporters, prepare to head out on a training exercise. It’s all part of a team-building tour sponsored by an international corporation. Taking a break from his life on the French Riviera, ex-pro cyclist Paul Burke is there as a hired tour guide, joined by his friend Claude. So far, the trip is going along perfectly. Then high above from the castle ruins where Richard the Lionheart was held captive almost nine centuries before comes a scream and, once again, Burke finds himself confronting death…. Read the first chapter. 


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Deception on the Danube
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