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The Bastard is Dead
Researching the book. This is D'Arcy overlooking Nice, France.

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  • The Bastard is Dead audiobook is now available at Audible and Amazon
  • A Vintage End paperback is the second book in the Paul Burke series and in the editing process now. 
  • There are a total of six books in the Paul Burke series.

The book’s publisher is BHC Press.

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Researching the book. This is D'Arcy visiting the Picasso Museum in Antibe, France.
Dk French Riviera
D'Arcy researching the book. Enjoying one of the many bays along the French Riviera.
D'Arcy researching the book. He enjoyed the 2013 Tour de France in Nice, France.
D'Arcy researching the book. D'Arcy cycling to Grasse, France. One of the routes mentioned in the book.