Bucket List Webinars

Bucket List Webinars

To the left is an example of a promo we did for our Barcelona Webinar Webinars to give you a taste of some of the videos and photos we include in our Webinars.

We have been told that people like to learn about potential bucket list trips using Webinars because they can be viewed in the comfort of your home and multiple times.

Webinars come to you through a special online link sent to you by the organizer that you can watch on any Internet-connected device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone). Many of our repeat participants say they hook their device up to a big-screen TV to get the maximum impact of the photos and videos we use in our Webinar presentations. Our bonus to you, included in your purchase is a copy of the recorded Webinar allowing you to watch the Webinar for six months.

We’ve called our Travel Webinars “Bucket List Webinars” because on everyone’s bucket list is a travel destination. Our plan is to present a monthly Webinar on various locations, mainly in Europe. If you watch multiple Webinars, you can compare them to see where you want to go on your Bucket List trip!  We’ve done all the planning for you and most of the Webinars are designed for a seven-day trip but they can be expanded or tighten depending on the time you have in these locations. You can even join some of our Webinars together to extend your holidays into multiple weeks – Like our Barcelona webinar and our Spain’s northern Mediterranean coast webinar. No major planning on your part – a ready-made trip without the hassle and stress of you trying to figure it all out. 

The Webinars are $24.95 and if you can’t make the day or time of the live Webinar, you can purchase the recording for $29.95. We promise watching these webinars will save you mega time in aimlessly surfing the web trying to find the necessary information to make your trip stress free.

FREE sample 

If you would like to see our style, check out our Free sample – Escape to Provence, France.

Each Webinar is slightly different in how we plan it. Some are 7 days in one community (BarcelonaParis) while others are 7 days in a country or specific area (Provence, Scotland, Scotland Western Islands & Whiskey Distilleries) but this one will give you an idea. By viewing this recording you will automatically be added to our newsletter list. These Webinars and recordings are best viewed using the Chrome Browser.

“I watched the Paris Webinar as we are going there soon. It was great information. It’s like sitting in your kitchen with good friends talking about travel. The visual maps really help me because I’m one who needs to hear it and see it. Good work!”
– Rita P., Lethbridge

“These are a heck of a deal for that price getting both the webinar and the recording. I’ve participated in webinars before but you rarely get the full recording, sometimes you will get the audio but not the video too. My wife and I watch these as we are now starting a priority list of where we want to travel when we retire. Thanks, Lynda and D’Arcy.
– Thomas & Gina W., Kamloops

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