Bucket List Webinars

Bucket List Webinars

We have been told that people like to learn about potential bucket list trips using Webinars because they can be viewed in the comfort of your home and multiple times. We offer you either live webinars, past webinar recordings or personal on-site presentations.  

We’ve called our Travel Webinars “Bucket List Webinars”  because on everyone’s bucket list is a travel destination.  We’ve done all the planning for you and most of the Webinars are designed for a seven-day trip but they can be expanded or tighten depending on the time you have in these locations. You can even join some of our Webinars together to extend your holidays into multiple weeks – Like our Barcelona webinar and our Spain’s northern Mediterranean coast webinar. No major planning on your part – a ready-made trip without the hassle and stress of you trying to figure it all out. 

Each Webinar is slightly different in how we plan it. Some are 7 days in one community, like Barcelona or Paris while others are 7 days in a country or specific area (Provence, Scotland, Scotland Western Islands & Whiskey Distilleries).

Please take a look at the list below of places you may want to consider for your Bucket List trip. All webinars/recordings are 60 minutes and priced at $24.95 and can be purchased from our Shopify site: LyndaKavanagh.com just follow the links in the title.

Travelling to Provence

Provence, France

FREE sample 

If you would like to see our style, check out our Free sample on YouTube – Escape to Provence, France.

Visiting Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

“Signed up and looking forward to this webinar.
The Paris webinar a couple of weeks ago was awesome – lots of great info and pictures with humor and drinking tips mixed in!”
– Joanna K., Lethbridge

Visiting The French Riviera

The French Riviera

“I highly recommend these WOW Tour Bucket List Webinars. We took the Barcelona Webinar and it was right on the money and very helpful when we went to Barcelona.”
– Ian Hepher, Lethbridge, Alberta

Cycling the Danube

Cycling the Danube River

“I really enjoy these Webinars. They do the research so all I have to do is compare the webinars and that will help me decide – when I am going to do a bucket list trip – I’ll know where i want to go. Also, it is a nice bonus to be able to look at the recorded webinars for six months.”
– Sani S., Richmond, B.C. 

Venice Rome Webinar

Rome & Venice, Italy

“It’s hard to decide where you want to go when thinking of Europe. These webinars are great as they give me a chance to compare locations. The bonus is the trip is planned out for me so I don’t have to waste time trying to figure out where I should go. Thanks, Lynda & D’Arcy.”
– Caroline T, Fernie


Paris, France

“I’m hoping to get to Paris this year. These webinars are like sitting in your kitchen with good friends talking about travel.
The visual maps really helped me because I’m one who needs to hear it and see it. Good work!”

– Rita P., Lethbridge

Visiting Scotland


I’ve watched the Paris, Provence and Barcelona Webinars and enjoy the presentation style and pictures. It is almost as good as going there. “
– Karen T., Lethbridge

Scotland whiskey

Scotland’s Whisky and Western Isles

“I loved this Webinar. I’m a beginner Scotch Whisky drinker so it was very informative. I’m on the hunt to try the Scotch with the butterscotch taste!” 
(I even spelt Whisky the right way.)

– Cameron S, Kelowna

Spain Webinar

Northern Spain

“These are like sitting in your kitchen with good friends talking about travel. The visual maps really helped me because I’m one who needs to hear it and see it. Good work!”
– Rita Peterson, Lethbridge

Visiting the Netherlands

The Netherlands

“Good webinar last night, as usual .  I hardly made any notes, every time I started to type something I saw it was on the slide already.”
– Karen Thomas, Lethbridge 

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