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Our company vision is to be the “go-to source” when people are looking for resources about where to travel to in Europe. We do that by providing consulting, in-person slide shows or webinars. Take a look at our FREE Provence Bucket List Webinar where you can see how detailed we get in travelling to Provence if you only have seven days.  If you would like more a more specialized trip, we offer consulting or trip planning services. 

Just released the second printing of the #2 Book in the Paul Burke series published by BHC Press

A Vintage End, by D'Arcy KavanaghIt’s a beautiful day on the French Riviera until….

Almost a year has passed since ex-pro cyclist Paul Burke from Montreal, Canada helped solve several murders, two connected to the famous Tour de France. He’s still enjoying life on the French Riviera as a blogger-columnist and decides to compete in the first of a series of vintage bicycle races celebrating the sport. But near the end of the inaugural event, participants encounter a macabre scene linking a major sponsor to one of the worst periods of recent French history. Once again, Burke finds himself in the middle of a mystery…. 


  • A Vintage End, second book in the series,  has just been published in its second printing and is available at all ebook retailers.
  • The Bastard is Dead, first book in the series, is now in audiobook form and can be found at Audible and Amazon#1 


Canadian Cycling Magazine Review on The Bastard is Dead: 

“It’s a murder mystery, which is just the thing for summer reading . . . . Burke is a good central character. I like how he’s an everyman, not a super-detective like Sherlock Holmes.”

#1 Book in the Paul Burke series and in its second printing, published by BHC Press

The Bastard is Dead, by D'Arcy KavanaghPaul Burke is an ex-pro cyclist from Montreal, Canada who has settled down to a quiet, unproductive existence on the French Riviera. He’s managing to pay the bills but spends most of his time just killing time. Then the Tour de France comes to town and Burke finds himself caught up in one death and then a second. As he tries to sort out what has happened, Burke knows life will never be the same for him – and those around him. 

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Travel Consulting:

Because of our knowledge of European travel and how we have helped others plan stress-free vacations, we can save people time, money, anxiety and frustration. If you’re thinking about heading to Europe, take a look at the list of where we have travelled – D’Arcy Lynda – and then contact us for help.  Depending on are where you live, we can provide travel consulting either face-to-face or through an online discussion.  Depending on your budget, we can offer you ideas and suggestions or we can develop a day-to-day itinerary, with recommended transportation and accommodations. We also are RCI timeshare owners and have figured out that system and how to maximize the membership. Send us an email to discuss our consulting.

WOW. This was the best advice I could have received. I can’t wait to watch the recording with my husband.”
-Chelsey P., Edmonton

Travel Presentations:

Whether it is at a conference, a fundraiser or a private party, we can build a presentation full of photos and videos of the topic area. Send us an email to discuss our topics and presentation style.

Thank you for the two presentations you did for us. Your Paris one, everyone loved and the one on the Spanish Mediterranean coast made everyone want to go. Both times we had a full house and the participants received great information. Your presentation style of humour and down-to-earth practical advice was engaging.”
– Judy S., Harmani Grandmothers